INSPIRATION COMES IN ALL SIZES, bronze or limestone and bronze, approximately 60” high

The sculptor sits on a low stool, carefully carving a small figure, who in turn is very actively carving his monumental masterpiece with hammer and chisel. The large piece would be more finished in some areas and less finished in others, like a work in progress, as would the tiny artist and would beg the question “who is making whom?”

John E. Watts Nashville, TN

Professional Vita

Instructor of art, Watkins College of Art & Design, Nashville, Tennessee, 2002 - present
Production manager/technical research, MCN Design, New York, New York, 1999 - 2001
Professor of art, College of Charleston, South Carolina, 1998 - 1999
Installation specialist, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California, 1997

Selected Public Installations

CHARLES DARWIN AND GOD, Science Library, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
The Living Waters Methodist Church, Sikeston, Missouri


MFA, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 1996
BFA, Murray State University, Kentucky, 1992

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