VEIL, stainless steel pipe and mesh, 11’ x 16’ x 12’

As an artist, I set out to alter the traditional notions of fiber and metalwork and promote them to the realm of contemporary sculpture. I exploit the accepted language of craft and the industrial language of metalwork employing conventional techniques that yield unconventional imagery and forms. My works question the established hierarchy of materials and techniques and reveal a different history — a new tradition so to speak. My sculptures are an aesthetic marriage of materials, techniques, ideas and associations that ultimately act as instruments for provoking thought.

Stacey R. Chinn Lexington, KY

Professional Vita

Professional artist, 2001-present
Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgetown College, Kentucky, 2003-present
Co-owner, The Atelier, Lexington, Kentucky, 2001 - present
Instructor, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, 2001

Selected Public Installations

Christ Church Legacy Society, Lexington, KY (with Michael Maxson)
Cricket Pavillion, 4 Bridges Festival, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Outdoor Sculpture Garden, Art St. Louis Gallery, Missouri


MFA, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois
BFA, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

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