FOREST, varied woods, 15’

The tree is a heroic symbol of life. The artist uses her tools (chain saw, axe and chisel) to discover and unveil the memories of incidents in the tree’s struggle for life. The anomalies of nature (broken off branches, cracks, grown over hollows, unusual growths and burls) become guides for how she works with these monumental trees. Each tree is unique, imperfect and specific. As a group, in relation to each other, they stand together with dignified and primeval power. Their monumentality elicits awe. Like cancer patients, the FOREST speaks to the scarring of human imperfection and the hope for survival through shared experience with others.

Emilie Brzezinski McLean, VA

Professional Vita

Professional artist

Selected Public Installations

Katzen Arts Center, American University, Washington, DC, 2005 (temporary installation)
FOREST: Romanian Nantiona Museum, Bucharest, Romania, 2003 (temporary installation)
Contemporary Art Collection, Budapest, Hungary, 2003 (temporary installation)
Danubiana Meullensteen Art Museu, Bratslava, Slovakia, 2002 (temporary installation)
WIND SHEER, Woodson Art Museum, Wisconsin, 2000 (temporary installation)
TRANSCENDANT OAKS, Socrates Art Park, Long Island City, New York, 1997 (temporary installation)

Selected Collections

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Fujiwa Sculpture Park, Kyoto, Japan
Kampa Museum, Prague, Czech Republic


Boston Museum School, Massachusetts
Wellesley College, Massachusetts

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