Potential sites for Public Art at the riverfront - illustrations & photos
RiverCountry 2011 juried art exhibition to include $100,000 award for monumental outdoor sculpture at new hospital opening in 2013
Five ArtRack bicycle racks installed as of December 2010
Public art is a visual representation intended for the free enjoyment, benefit and inspiration of the public and the aesthetic enhancement of the city in general.

The Owensboro Public Art Commission (OPAC) resolves that in every project it undertakes, the first and most important consideration will be to ensure the very highest quality product and outcome. In order to maintain this goal of artistic integrity, OPAC will seek the advice and counsel of appropriate professionals, arts educators and artists, and its decision-making policies will be open to public comment and review.

OPAC shall encourage private firms and individuals to purchase and display on private property works of art the for free enjoyment and appreciation of the public; and may, by providing the advice of artists or otherwise, facilitate the purchase and placement of art.

OPAC shall promote the appreciation of visual art by the public in general and by young people in particular, and design and implement programs for that purpose.

On December 2, 2002, the Board of Commissioners of the City of Owensboro, Kentucky, established OPAC to develop and administer a public art program for the city.

OPAC has the following duties and powers:

1. To prepare and, with the board of commissioner's approval, adopt and amend as needed a plan and guidelines for the selection of appropriate sites within the city for public art, for the selection of works of public art, for the selection of artists to commission to prepare works of public art, and for placement and maintenance of works of public art.

2. To authorize the purchase of works of public art, to commission the design, execution and/or placement of works of public art, to enter into such contracts and employ such agents or employees as may be necessary for the performance of its duties, and to provide for payment therefor from the public art fund, in accordance with the plan and guidelines developed pursuant to (1) above.

3. To consult with the city manager or his designees before proceeding with placement of public art on city property;

4. To provide for the maintenance of public art;

5. To consult with the city manager with regard to possible use of city employees for the performance of its work whenever such use would be feasible;

6. To promulgate rules and regulations consistent with city code for its internal functions and to facilitate the performance of its duties.

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